The easy transportable bean bag

The Bonkers Stool is a small solution for those who need a small bean bag for sitting, taking it around the house, using it outdoors or just using it as a foot stool. Made with a durable water resistant fabric this chair is comfortable, practical and stylish for any sort of use.

Choice of Bean Fillings or Foam Flakes

This bean bag offers a choice to have it with bean fillings or foam flakes.

With foam flakes you can get a vastly different experience of comfort which can be better if you are after a sinking and moulding experience to your daily lounging.

Both beans and foam flakes are sourced from the UK

Strong And Durable

Cover is made from a thick 100% polyester material giving you a strong and durable product that will withstand the daily activities which bean bags often endure. While being sturdy and strong you still end up with a beautifully finished and hand made product.

Suitable For Outdoor Use

This product is suitable for outdoor use thanks to the easy clean material. Please ensure you do not leave this product outside over night or in the rain.

Easy Cleaning – Water Resistant

Water resistant materials for this product allow for it to be great for messy children and outdoor use.

Double Zipped For No Fuss

No need to worry about bean fillings escaping this bag on a daily basis. A double zipped system ensures that you do not end up with a mess and a half empty product.

Safe & Regulated While Supporting The UK

Feel safe and assured that you are buying a product that has been manufactured within the UK by us and conforms to all British fire regulations.