Sleep Better With Visco Therapy

A British Bed & Mattress Manufacturer

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of bedroom furniture. With a range of products in different categories and styles to stay competitive, we give retailers the chance of easily selling online and through catalogues by offering drop ship solutions.

Our History

From Humble Beginnings

Though we started with Visco Therapy back in 2006, we have been part of the furniture industry since the late 1970s giving us decades of knowledge and contacts around the world to obtain quality furniture at affordable prices which led us onto creating a company that can design and create quality products to the masses.


We started out as a small family-run business where we bought and sold used furniture to the general public and by slowly growing over the years, we reinvested our interests by buying large shipments of goods from suppliers in the UK to bring new and quality furniture to consumers. We watched as our industry grew and prosper with the boom of the Internet with increased competition which pushed our boundaries to what it means to be a furniture retailer.


It was only in the early 2000s where we thought big, aimed high and started importing and wholesaling hardwood and metal bedroom furniture who we sold to retailers in the UK. This spun off and created our partner company Amani International who are striving well to this day by selling quality bedroom furniture.


Using all our knowledge we gained over the years, we started Visco Therapy in 2006 with the emphasis on designing and creating quality products for the masses. It was no easy feat however we were successful in our attempts and still are growing so we can provide consumers with a choice in the market. This spun off another partner company of ours, Bedmaster who take great pride in manufacturing traditional mattresses and divan sets.


Since 2006, we are still striving to bring new and exciting products to our product ranges by releasing new mattresses, designing and manufacturing quality made headboards and just recently (mid 2012) our new range of Bonkers Bean Bags!


We have a history in this industry and we plan to keep pushing our limits to bring the best of what we can to consumers and our trade partners throughout the UK and more.