Bed Care Instructions

Prado Storage Bed

If you have a Prado Storage Bed, this product uses high pressured pistons. Please ensure that you place a mattress on top of the bed before operating and handle with care at all times!

1. Before attempting to assemble and install the bed please ensure that you read the instructions fully including this care notice.
2. Please ensure that you install and assemble the bed with two people.
3. If you have a Prado Storage bed DO NOT attempt to operate the bed without a mattress
4. Never allow children to operate the bed or play with the parts
5. Never jump on the bed
6. Ensure that you carry out routine maintenance periodically, checking that all fixtures and fixings are tightened and that the centre supporting leg is straight and supporting the bed correctly.
7. Never modify the item and always contact the supplier for replacement parts.
8. Always move the bed by lifting the bed with two people. The bed should never be dragged or moved by one person. After moving the bed always check to ensure that the centre support leg is in the correct position and supping the bed effectively.
9. If the bed is used on laminated flooring extra care should be taken to ensure that the bed has the correct level of support such as using grips.
10. Please do not sit on the side rails unless the bed is specifically designed to do so.

The pistons are not moving on my Prado Storage bed model and I am unable to close the bed?

Due to the nature of this product, you will find that there may be some initial issues with the pumps, however, after several uses, these will start to loosen up and make the bed open and close more freely. You will need to close the bed using a reasonable amount of force.

Please ensure that you have placed a fully expanded heavy mattress on the frame and lift the frame up slightly and then down to start the pumps working.

Failing this please try switching the pumps over.

Denver, Amelia and Glory Beds

New wood furniture brings with it a “new wood smell.” Painted or varnished wooden furniture’s odours stem from its finish. In either case, the odour can be off-putting. Reducing or removing the smell is often a matter of giving the furniture time to air out, but you can take a couple of other measures to hasten the process.

Time for Fresh Air

Ventilate the room affected by the smell. Keep fresh air circulating by opening windows on both sides of the room to promote a cross breeze for a few hours every day. The new wood smell will eventually dissipate.

Keep It Dry

Damp or humid conditions sometimes contribute to the levels of odour emitted from the furniture. We also suggest you run a dehumidifier or air conditioner in the room containing the furniture during humid conditions to help cut down on off-gassing.