Moo Moo Headboard

The Fun Headboard

The Moo Moo Headboard is an upholstered based headboard using a soft luxurious double jersey polyester fabric which has playful graphics of hearts and stick figured girls.

Quality Finish

This headboard is finished off with a double jersey fabric that provides a quality feel.

It also features a unique design that is unlike any other of our products.

Comfortable For the Leaners

By using a layer of foam underneath the fabric, you achieve a headboard that feels comfortable to lean against.

You are not left with a headboard that just looks great but has that age old practical use providing you something to rest against without feeling uncomfortable.

Long Lasting

This headboard is backed with a durable and strong chip wood based board. This provides a headboard that allows you to rest against without feeling flimsy.

Safe & Regulated While Supporting The UK

Feel safe and assured that you are buying a product that has been manufactured within the UK by us and conforms to all British fire regulations.