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British Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Retailers who deal with quality products. We support our British economy with 90% of materials sourced from the UK for manufactured goods while still bringing quality and affordable products to consumers.

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Visco Therapy & Humza Amani (One Holding Limited) are wholesalers & manufacturers of bedroom furniture which range with price and style to stay competitive. We gives retailers the chance of easily selling online and through catalogues of products by offering drop ship solutions. Our products ranges from beds and headboards, to bunk beds, sofa beds and mattresses.

We also sell direct to the public via Visco Therapy Direct and provide free consumer advice about our industry and products to aid consumers who are looking to improve on their sleeping habits. Read more about our company.

Stock Update 14/07/2014 - Storage Boxes

We have received new stock for our popular folding storage boxes. Please see below the stock update

Small Storage Boxes

HABOXSBLACK Ottoman Folding Box [SMALL; BLACK] - In Stock
HABOXSBROWN Ottoman Folding Box [SMALL; BROWN] - In Stock
HABOXSCREAM Ottoman Folding Box [SMALL; CREAM] - In Stock
HABOXSFUSCHIA Ottoman Folding Box [SMALL; FUSCHIA] - In Stock
HABOXSWHITE Ottoman Folding Box [SMALL; WHITE] - In Stock
HABOXSLEO Ottoman Folding Box [SMALL; LEOPARD] - In Stock

HABOXLBLACK Ottoman Folding Box [LARGE; BLACK] - In Stock
HABOXLBROWN Ottoman Folding Box [LARGE; BROWN] - In Stock
HABOXLCREAM Ottoman Folding Box [LARGE; CREAM] - In Stock
HABOXLFUSCHIA Ottoman Folding Box [LARGE; FUSCHIA] - In Stock
HABOXLWHITE Ottoman Folding Box [LARGE; WHITE] - Out of stock
HABOXLLEO Ottoman Folding Box [LARGE; LEOPARD] - In Stock

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us as we are always happy to help. Remember that you can also keep tabs on our stock levels via logging into your trade customer dashboard on our website or view the relevant product page.